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Can I get a Car Loan If I have no Credit? Things To Know

While many will say a direct “No,” I would still say that “Yes, there are lenders who offer auto loans even when you have absolutely no credit.” This depends a lot on the flexibility of the lender, the amount which you can pay as a down payment and also the type of car you are willing to purchase. Besides, it might even depend on the way you ask.

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As per Phil Reed, who is the senior customer advisor for Edmunds – the consumer auto site offers a great advice to people on the way to get car loan despite of no credit. He mentions that there are a lot of people who walks in pretty normally to the dealers and continues saying, “Hi, I am here to buy a car but I don’t have credits.” According to him, this should never be the approach. Rather, he offer a few valuable tips for people who needs car loan but do not have credit.

  • Get The Pre-Approval:

In case you do not have any credit or have thin credit profile, the very first thing you need is to get the pre approval done for the loan prior to heading to dealership. This will help you to compare the rates with the loans that are offered by the dealers. Besides, this might provide you with chances to bargain while you are closing the final deal.

If you share great relation with the credit union or the bank, you can also start looking for the financing. Make use of the recommendation after taking appointment with the loan officer of the bank in person.  

He says to make case by you. This again means that even when you are going for the first time, you should carry the pay stubs and the bank account records. Moreover, make sure you check the credit reports, if it is there along with the credit scores. You need to know in details about the credit profile. In case you are not aware of the credit score, all you can do is to check the credit score from the many sites available.

Now you can also get in touch with AfterBK as they can offer you with the right auto loan as per your current condition. They offer the best Auto Loans in New York.

  • Negotiate:

If you think you are getting a great deal from the credit union or from the bank, you can get in touch with the dealers. However, if you loan has already been approved, you can focus on comparing the prices rather than worrying about the financing.

As said by the famous personality, it is crucial to wary. You should not feel too bad for providing a loan to the dealers and therefore you feel to leave negotiating. Negotiating is a mandate. In case the dealer’s price does not match your expectation, you can anyways seek help from bank.

You can also choose to make a hefty down payment as it can become a lot helpful in this case. It reduces the amount which you need to borrow. Larger down payment and you can always choose to have word about the negotiation.

  • Select the right car:

This is again a very important thing, as you need to choose an affordable car for you. Even if the car does not fit your dreams, you should definitely go for it. You should always keep the amount of the car in mind.

The more money you borrow, the more interest you have to pay. Rather than that, it is always recommended to choose for an affordable car.

So these are some of the basic ways to get car loans when you have a bad credit. You definitely don’t have to give up on your dreams but you can get a car. Whilst your dream car will not fit in this situation, but to manage the needs, the Bad Credit Auto Loans in New York will certainly become a lot helpful. So get in touch with AfterBK as they are the best providers for Bad Credit Auto Loans in NY.

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